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Loved Up: A Poem

We dance to mighty words,
We speak to righteous riddims,
We dub it hard.
We get up united,
We stand up undivided,
Like lions in Zion
We are fearless wise eyes.
We are peacemaking rockers,
Dancing on grass
Loving under trees,
As creation intended.
How we love sky,
How we love each other,
Drum love
Bass love,
The vibes, the vibes
How sweet thou art.

And so, we who are gathered here
Skanking top ranking under European skies,
Know that we who have gathered here
Are joined up riddimwise.
Let our minds and bodies be free
And let us be moved by our unity.

This is the dread magic operating,
This is the One Love happening.


We are delighted that Benjamin has granted permission for The Wildsmith Papers to publish his 2014 poem, ‘Loved Up’, which was specially commissioned by One Love – the UK’s iconic reggae and world music festival, now in its 11th year.

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