Introducing Mycelium Packaging

Introducing Mycelium Packaging

From an abundance of cardboard in the recycling system to a ‘plastic island’ in the Pacific Ocean, the world is being taken over by waste. But could a new mushroom-based material be the solution we have been waiting for?

What is Mycelium Packaging?

Mycelium is a new sustainable packaging that could replace less environmentally friendly options, such as plastic and polystyrene. It is a completely organic, farm-grown material made from the roots of a mushroom. The roots grow around a mould to form a custom structure which holds products safely and securely in transit.

To make the product stronger, we clean locally sourced agricultural waste such as corn and barley husks and add them to the mycelium mix. The roots act as nature’s glue, binding the mixture together. The final pack quite literally grows around its mould in a matter of days. When it reaches the final shape, we remove it from the mould and heat it to prevent any further growth.

Can mushroom-based packaging be recycled?

As it is an entirely natural product, mycelium decomposes as any organic product will, causing no harm to the environment. So it can be added to a home compost, ‘replanted’ in your garden or disposed of in a compostable recycling bin.

Depending on its size, the mycelium will completely disappear between 30 and 90 days. Most importantly, it leaves no negative side-effects which could be harmful to wildlife or the environment.

Is mycelium packaging good for the environment

Yes! Mycelium is a completely new type of natural, compostable packaging which has zero negative impact on the planet as it breaks down. Unlike biodegradable plastics, there is no risk of potentially harmful micro-particles entering the soil or sea. Mycelium simply breaks down without a trace.

The manufacture of mycelium packaging is also much more eco-friendly than plastic, using less energy and producing up to 90% less carbon emissions.

Wildsmith and Mycelium

This Christmas, Wildsmith Skin will be one of the first beauty brands to trial mycelium packaging. The Copper Peptide Duo giftset contains two award winning products, the Copper Peptide Serum and Copper Peptide Cream, a clinically proven combination that firms and hydrates the skin. This duo comes encased in ground-breaking – and earth-saving – mycelium.

If you're not sure about specific products why not explore Wildsmith's moisturisers and serums and their related FAQs

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