We nurture a deep connection to the natural world — restoring the relationship between native plants and humans. It’s about new ways of thinking and seeing. For us this is Radical Botany. We are quietly, thoughtfully radical. NOW AVAILABLE IN HARRODS

Clinically Proven Results

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Platinum Booster

WITH platinum Matrix and advanced Hyaluronic acid

Wildsmith Skin PLATINUM BOOSTER is a powerful skin-firming treatment with platinum-peptide matrix, encapsulated oxygen, Moss Cell Cultures and cell-boosting molecules to help restructure the skin’s surface, smoothing wrinkles for more youthful looking skin.


We asked the leading cosmetic clinical trial specialists to conduct targeted independent clinical trials to test the efficacy of our formulations. We also partnered with the Beauty Bible to conduct independent blind trials of our products with a panel of 50 discerning beauty-involved consumers. Find out more as you shop our collection.