The Harvest

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The Harvest

Every Summer we join our friends at Heckfield Home Farm to harvest Calendula and Chamomile flowers.

These biodynamic flowers will be then transformed into Hydrolats, Extractions and Macerates that we use in the formulations of our products.

We start picking all the flowers early in the morning, discarding the stalks to be used later as compost. 

Picking flowers on flower days, preferably also before noon, will help them to remain fresher and keep their colour for longer.

We dry the flowers in a dehydrator to remove the water content. The dried flowers can then be used to make hydrolats, macerated oils, and extracts.



What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic farming is a holistic approach to agriculture that seeks to create a sustainable and harmonious relationship between the farm, its environment, and the people who work it.

Biodynamic farms are designed to mimic the diversity and complexity of natural ecosystems, and they use a variety of practices to promote soil health, plant growth, and animal welfare.

Biodynamic oils, hydrolats, extractions and macerations bring ENERGY, VIBRANCY, VITALITY and HEALTH into our formulations.

Biodynamic farms have a wide variety of crops, animals, and other plants, which helps to create a healthy and balanced ecosystem. This diversity also helps to protect the farm from pests and diseases. In addition to promoting biodiversity, biodynamic farms also use a variety of other practices to improve soil health, plant growth, and animal welfare.

We began to grow ingredients for our treatments under biodynamic principles that observe the rhythms and cycles of the EARTH, SUN, MOON, STARS and PLANETS.

Detailed astronomical information tells us the optimal time for sowing, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting and using biodynamic preparations.

Our respect for nature and the environment drives us to formulate products that work at nature’s speed and with an appreciation of time

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