Summer skincare to beat the heat

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Summer skincare to beat the heat

The summer months can be stressful for our skin, with fluctuating temperatures as we move from inside to outside, humidity, and increased UV exposure with more time spent outdoors in direct sunlight.

SPF is a skincare non-negotiable 365 days a year, however, in these hotter months how we take care of our skin before and after applying sunscreen can make the difference between skin that feels comfortable and healthy and skin that is dehydrated and prone to sensitivity, irritation and redness.

Here are our top tips for a healthy glow this August:


If your skin feels dry and sensitive during the summer months look for cleansers that that nurture and support skin and if you don’t already now is the time to start double cleansing. For your first cleanse choose a cleansing balm, such as our Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm, to melt through makeup and cut through SPF, follow with Energising B5 Cleansing Gel to deeply cleanse and remove dirt and impurities, without stripping skin.


If you have noticed your skin is feeling more congested deep cleansing masks will be your summer saviour. You may be torn between deep cleansing masks and hydrating masks as your skin may feel it needs both, our Double Clay Refining Mask is a multi-benefit face mask which provides a deep cleanse, a burst of hydration, plumps and improves elasticity.


During summer the very top layers of skin can thicken - it’s the skin way of protecting itself - but this change in skin texture can lead to over exfoliation which can leave your skin feeling sensitised, red and angry. To avoid this we recommend gently exfoliating once or twice a week, incorporating both chemical and physical exfoliants for a deeper more effective result. Our Dual-Action Exfoliating Treatment is formulated with enzymes and exfoliating acids to loosen dead skin cells, and physical exfoliants to gently buff and remove dead, dull skin cells, helping to unclog pores for fresher, brighter looking skin.


Happy skin is hydrated skin, however, unsurprisingly, skin can become dehydrated during the summer months, which can cause irritation, redness and reduced collagen production. To maintain skin’s hydration, including Hyaluronic Acid in your skincare routine is key; known for its ability to hold 1000 x its own weight in it acts like a moisture magnet drawing moisture from the atmosphere (so brilliant when it’s a hot humid day) and from within the skin. Due to this ultimate plumping ingredient the upper layers of the skin are smoother, softer and glowing.


Pollution is never good for the skin as, free radicals cause damage to healthy skin cells causing them to age quicker and increase inflammation and dehydration. In the summer months the combination of UV rays and pollution can be even more of an issue and so in addition to sunscreen we recommend protecting your skin from environmental aggressions such as pollution and blue light. Our 4D Protection Serum is the perfect summer hero with four key defences against pollution and oxidative stress; two-tier antioxidant complex to neutralise and engulf free radicals, peptides to protect and repair and a sugar film to trap free radicals and at as a protective shield against external aggressors. It also boasts four different weights of Hyaluronic Acid to deliver instant and long-lasting hydration and comfort.

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