The importance of waking well

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The importance of waking well

When we speak of circadian rhythm we often default to its most well-known function in setting our sleep-wake cycle. Focusing on our evening routine and the importance of sleep in supporting our physical and mental health.

Less known is that how we spend the time immediately after waking can also impact our sleep and skin.

Our sleep-wake cycle; works through daytime light exposure triggering signals to generate alertness and help keep us awake. And at night with the fading of natural light, the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep and help us stay asleep.

To signal it is time to wake we experience a build-up of cortisol, which should decrease in the hour after waking. But, if we immediately switch on our phones, check email, jump into our to do lists there is a chance it will remain elevated. With the potential to suppress evening melatonin production and disrupt our sleep.

If left unchecked stress will also impact our skin. Damaging skin integrity and speeding up the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also impact our behaviour. For example, our ability to concentrate, make decisions and increase anxiety.

To help start your day well we recommend:

☀️ Gentle exercise to help burn off cortisol. If you can do this outside to enjoy the mood regulating benefits of Vitamin D exposure.

☀️ Give yourself time to start the day. For example, wait for at least thirty minutes before reaching for your phone.

☀️ Wait an hour or so before having breakfast. Starting your day with water to help boost hydration.

☀️ Avoid being startled awake (for example, by a loud alarm) and invest in a wake-up light alarm from a brand such as Lumie.


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