Why sleep Matters for Skin Health

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Why sleep Matters for Skin Health

The term ‘beauty sleep’ may sound frivolous, but it’s really anything but. The quality of our sleep affects so many of the body’s natural functions, from appetite to immune response, not to mention the seismic effect it has on skin health.

At this time of year, as the daylight hours rapidly recede, it’s common for natural sleep patterns to become disturbed. This is when dryness, inflammation, visible lines, and dullness can start to set in. But what exactly is happening when skin is sleep deprived?

Closely linked to our circadian rhythm, the body’s internal clock that’s regulated by daylight exposure, when we rest the skin switches from daytime active defence mode, into repair and recovery mode. This triggers optimum conditions for healing and reparative processes like collagen and elastin synthesis. Blood flow to the surface of the skin increases, filling it with nutrients and speeding up regeneration. Even DNA repair is boosted during periods of good quality sleep.

During the night skin is also warmer and more permeable, which makes it more receptive to absorbing beneficial ingredients from the skincare we apply during our evening routines – though this increased permeability can also make it vulnerable to dryness, so remember, overnight hydration is vital.

In short, good sleep is simply essential for resilient, healthy looking skin. But what if, like millions of others across the globe, you’re just not getting enough? Designed to support your natural circadian rhythm and encourage a restful night’s sleep our Stillness Shower Oil, Stillness Body Oil, and award-winning Stillness Pillow Mist offer genuine relief – particularly as the seasons change.

Infused with high levels of essential oils renowned for their calming effects (think – Roman chamomile, rose geranium, and English lavender) when used before bedtime, this calming trio helps to quieten a racing mind and soothe jangled nervous systems. The result being that you can fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up looking and feeling more refreshed. A positive outcome for mind, body and skin.

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