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Winter can be really damaging to the skin if it is not cared for, the cold air outside zaps moisture from the skin and the things that bring comfort to us like coming home to a lovely warm and cosy house can also add stress to the skin. This internal inflammation influences the collagen production, oxygen levels and lipid production. It is not surprising that skin can feel tight, taught and sometimes we can experience flaking around the nose and redness on the tops of the cheeks. You may also have noticed your make up does not sit evenly and can look patchy.

Layering skincare

If you think how you would dress for a cold winter’s day this is a good place to start with your skin. You would naturally add another layer or add a thicker jumper, layering up is the easiest way to give the skin extra comfort, support and hydration. Layering is the best option if you know that putting on a rich cream is not an option as it will cause breakouts.

Multiple skincare ingredients

When layering up and adding a serum, look for a serum that combines humectants (hydrators) to ensure the skin gets the hydration, the much-needed water content and emollients which help seal in the hydration, soften and smooth the skin. One of most effective humectants you may have heard of is hyaluronic acid, renowned for holding 1000 times its own weight moisture and delivery a true plumping hydrating result. Ingredients like splianthes packed with omegas (fatty acids) ensure the moisture is kept deep in the skin and does not evaporate. Our Active Repair Copper Peptide Cream has the perfect balance between humectants and emollients boosted with copper peptides to ensure the collagen production is still stimulated even when the skin is becoming drier and the collagen producing cells are becoming sluggish.

Moisture top ups

We are spending more time indoors this winter and you probably experience that feeling of mid-day or mid-afternoon dehydration. Facial oils are skin saviours, particularly in the winter, pop a few drops of a plant oil into your foundation, a few drops over your moisture in the day or even in the morning pop a few drops into your moisturiser.  Our Active Super Oil is packed with omegas, antioxidants and vitamins and we recommend the best time to use it is at night so the skin can fully take advantage of all these powerful ingredients. The skin will thank you for adding a few drops of facial oil in the day, Camellia seed oil rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9 will bring instant confirm and softness and lady’s thistle will reduce any redness that is cropping up throughout the day as the skin becomes drier.

Skin Barrier

If the skin barrier has become compromised you may be experience flakiness, sensitivity and the skin can feel itchy and appear red and angry. This can happen especially in the winter if the skin becomes really dry or through the overuse of skin care actives at high percentages. The skin barrier is made up of dead skin cells and intercellular lipids, when the skin barrier becomes compromised it is the lipids, that are crucial for skin health, that have deteriorated. Ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol are essential if you need to repair your skin barrier. Our Ceramide Lipid Repair Balm is packed full of skin strengthening ceramides which are the building blocks of stronger more resilient skin. Avocado, rosehip and sunflower are all rich in omegas that bring instant comfort, smoothing and sealing the skins barrier. Often referred to as a little pot of magic this needs to be in easy reach to be applied as and when the skin needs strengthening and comforting and is also perfect on the lips if you have noticed dryness, soreness and your experiencing chapped cracked lips. If your using retinol makes sure Ceramide Lipid Repair Balm is part of your nightly routine, once you have applied your retinol wait 20- 30mins and then take the balm and make sure you massage a small amount to the areas that you know you suffer with dehydration and dryness.       

Over cleansing and over exfoliation will cause damage to the skin

If you are wearing face a covering as so many of us are for long periods and you are suffering with maskne (breakouts, sensitivity and dryness around the mouth, chin and cheeks) you may have been advised to keep the skin clean but unfortunately this can cause the skin to become even more dry and sensitized. Its best to make sure your cleansing counts in the morning and the evening, it is certainly not about cleansing the skin more frequently. In fact, over cleansing and over exfoliating in the winter will exasperate these skin conditions leading to more skin problems.  At night-time double cleanse first with a balm or an oil, plant oils and butters can breakdown the oil, dirt and impurities, but be sure to add water so you emulsify the oils which helps with the removal of the pigments of the makeup and pollution and ensure the pores are left clean but not stripped. Our Active Repair Nourishing Cleansing Balm contains Calendula which has antiseptic and anti-microbial properties making it the perfect cleansing balm to deeply cleanse, treat the skin with respect, balance the bacteria levels that cause breakouts and nurture the skin whilst the atmosphere is so drying.  

Swap your moisturiser in the winter

In the summer months you may like lightweight serums and moisturisers but you may find they are not enough in the winter months. Choosing a richer texture will bring immediately extra comfort and moisture to the skin and the plant oils will limit water evaporation  

Don’t cleanse your face in the shower

During the winter, the skin is fragile, delicate and can change daily. Your face will not like you washing it in the shower and rinsing under hot water any time of the year, especially in the winter it’s an even bigger no no. Cleanse always before you shower and let the humidity from the shower aid the skins moisture levels and boost the skincare that you apply after the shower.

The power of baths

Running yourself a bath, unwinding from the day, or reviving your mind is essential, baths have an incredible ability to relax and de stress the mind and body. Always make sure your face is not left out, whilst bath salts and oils deliver huge benefits to our bodies our face should be armed and protected whilst we recline and unwind. After cleansing your skin and before soaking in the bath take a few drops of our Active Super Oil into the palm of your hands inhale the beautiful essential oils of lavender, frankincense, jasmin and ylang ylang and then smooth the vitamin and antioxidant rich plant oils over the face, neck and décolleté.  Whilst the warm soothes the body the powerful plant oils hydrate and nurture your face and prevent skin dehydration which is a risk when enjoying a hot bath.    



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