The Wildsmith Skin Gift Collection is a curated selection of our bestselling duos.

Each set is inspired by our home, The Bothy by Wildsmith, a space of wellbeing in the heart of Hampshire, where modern concerns melt away and we make room for deeper connections to our ourselves and to our natural surroundings.

We chose the verdant GREEN canopy of the trees visible from every window as the colour for our Hand & Body Duo, while the soothing BLUE of the waters, a space for relaxation and healing, is the colour for the Double Cleanse Duo.


Our exquisitely formulated and expertly crafted Hand and Body Duo are inspired by the plants and botanicals found in the grounds that surround The Bothy by Wildsmith at Heckfield Place. Fragranced with fresh notes of linden flower, soothing chamomile and wood accords to envelope the senses and reconnect to nature.

HAND AND BODY WASH comprises a blend of botanical cleansers and natural surfactant system. Apply one to two pumps to damp skin and lather to create a creamy, rich texture.

HAND AND BODY LOTION, boasts a rich blend of shea butter and nut oils to nourish, moisturise and comfort the skin.

RRP £60


Enjoy radiant, glowing skin with our award-winning two-step cleansing routine.
Expertly formulated with natural surfactants, luxurious oils and butters and advanced cleansing technologies.
Easily remove makeup and impurities with ACTIVE REPAIR NOURISHING CLEANSING BALM.

with ENERGISING B5 GEL CLEANSER to eliminate residue and water-based impurities. While infusing skin with vitamins and antioxidants for restored hydration and visible radiance.

RRP £85


We are committed to taking simple steps to a better and more sustainable environment. Our gift boxes are made from fully recyclable materials. Environmentally friendly soy based ink and FSC certified paper. Designed with no closures to ensure you can recycle the entire box. Flat packed during freight to reduce the volume for shipping to reduce our carbon impact.