Since we opened the doors of our award-winning and transformative wellbeing space, The Bothy at Heckfield Place, in April 2023, we have continued our innovation drive by announcing the results of the clinically trialled 90 minute Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial. Delivering extraordinary short and long-term results in hydration and smoothness.

An all-encompassing approach to skin health and wellbeing, this transformative facial is performed by our rigorously trained practitioners who combine advanced facial techniques with expert skincare formulations that are individually clinically proven to work.


The 90-minute Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial begins with a bespoke WELLBEING CONSULTATION which looks at the individual as a whole to understand their lifestyle and daily habits, creating a bespoke treatment.

Several advanced techniques are then incorporated and performed, including SKIN ANALYSIS, MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, a combination of light STRETCHING AND KNEADING to release muscle tension and break up scar tissue.

TARGETED MASSAGE is performed to specific muscles over the shoulder, neck, and face to boost blood circulation, collogen and elastin creating smooth, plumped, radiant skin.

FACIAL REJUVENATION ACUPRESSURE is delivered using gentle repetitive pressure along the meridians of the face, helping to open up the energy pathways to increase blood circulation, restoring vitality to every part of the face and other organs within the body.

After 90 minutes, the experience finishes with a PURPOSEFUL RECOMMENDATION of Wildsmith Skin skincare which is designed to propose suggestions inline with the guest’s daily routine and lifestyle.


In clinical trials with 20 participants. 


- Clinically proven to instantly improve skin moisture levels by up to 171%. 

- Clinically proven to instantly improve skin smoothness by up to 54%. 

After 24 Hours 

- Clinically proven to improve skin moisture levels by up to 194%.

 After 48 Hours 

- Clinically proven to improve skin moisture levels by up to 131%.

- Clinically proven to improve skin smoothness by up to 65%.


The Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial undertook two separate tests, to measure the moisturisation changes within the skin and to measure the improvement of skin’s smoothness. 

 To support claims relating to moisturisation, a Moisture Meter SC device was used to measure changes in hydration in the top layer of the skin, also known as the stratum corneum. 

 To support claims relating to skin’s smoothness, a Visioscan for Surface Evaluation of the Living Skin (SELS) device was used. The device allows various calculations and conclusions to be drawn based upon skin imaging analysis of a repeat position. 

 The clinical team chose 20 participants, over the age of 18 with a varied range of skin types. Two Wildsmith Skin trained practitioners performed the 90 minute Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial on each participant. Measurements using the equipment were taken before the facial, immediately after, 24 hours and 48 hours after. Participants were then given Wildsmith Skin products to use at home following their treatment, a purposeful recommendation suited to each individual’s skin type and concern. 


Uncompromising in our approach to efficacy, we reinforce the performance of lab grown actives by combining them with botanical ingredients to create effective, high-performance, award-winning and sustainable formulations. Lab grown actives are chosen because of their impressive clinically proven results and confidence in their effect. To reinforce these benefits, we place all of our skincare through individual clinical trials. 

Undertaken by independent specialists, the trials involve using state-of-the-art technology to measure product efficacy on a panel of participants. Participants are chosen by the clinical team, based on age and specific skin concern, with each participant given a usage protocol to follow for the trial's duration. Measurements are taken at different points throughout the duration of the trial, depending on the product and desired results. 


Kim Cochrane, Head of Education at Wildsmith Skin: 

 “Taking our Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial through clinical trials was a natural evolution for us at Wildsmith, we already know how effective our products are from existing clinical trials and we wanted to strengthen our claims by presenting how effective these can be when used collectively with our advanced facial techniques found within the treatment. 

 It also proves that our guests do not need to look into alternatives such a facial machines to get the short and long-term results they desire, you can already get incredible results by booking in with the right hands, using the right products.” 


The Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial can be experienced at Heckfield Place, Liberty of London, Fortnum and Mason, The Lakes by Yoo or Skin Matters.