Slow breath. Slow time…reconnect to nature’s rhythm.

Our first Wildsmith Spa is at The Bothy, Heckfield Place, Hampshire. It is a space to reconnect with nature. Nestled in the arboretum which was so beautifully choreographed in the 1860’s by William Walker Wildsmith, these very trees now inspire our products, treatments and healing philosophy. 

Wildsmith honours, protects and celebrates life’s rhythms, rooted in the belief that a person’s vitality and positive mental state are paramount in achieving recovery, repair and balance. 

Wildsmith Wellbeing is a prescription of treatments, mindful movement, food, and education with each guest at the centre of a personalised experience. 

The Bothy will be coming soon.


A preview of two of the treatments that will form part of our complete offering.


The Wildsmith Radical Botany Facial promises an all-encompassing approach to skin health. Our potent combination of scientific and botanical formulas, our expert facialists and our technical approach will ensure immediate results such as toned, smoother, plump and radiant skin and the ongoing benefits of skin barrier protection and hydration. 

To enhance the powerful formulations in our skincare we used a combined approach of traditional and advanced facial massage techniques including: 

Advanced myofascial release to eliminate tension in the fascia and help with stimulation of collagen and elastin

Acupressure to help tone skin by stimulating facial muscles 

Lymphatic drainage to help reduce inflammation

Craniosacral holds and breathwork help to calm you by stimulating the parasympathetic system. 

105 minutes and 60 minutes.


Inspired by the circadian rhythms of nature, our team of wellness practitioners provide a bespoke reset starting with an holistic consultation including a grounding footbath ritual. This focuses on kinesiology principles and mechanisms of movement to help reveal the body’s requirements. A therapeutic massage sequence is applied using Wildsmith Skin essential oil blends specifically formulated for the time of day. 

For vitality to energise and revitalise 

For purity to achieve equilibrium and rebalance 

For stillness to ground and restore 

Through craniosacral holds (promoting a meditative state of deep relaxation) abdominal massage (to release tension, stimulate digestion and boost the immune system) and foot zone reflex therapy to spark up the energy pathway.

Expect to leave reconnected and in balance. 

135 minutes and 105 minutes.


Movement means more than just exercise; it's a fundamental aspect of life. Mindful movement affects every part of our body’s functions. It supports healing and recovery. It helps to prevent injury. Keeping our body mobile is key to a healthy life and our longevity. 

We believe in the healing power of nature. We offer a myriad of activities that can be tailored to your natural surroundings, offering a bespoke approach to movement, these include farm fit, cold water immersion, mindfulness walks, forest meditation, trail runs and forest yoga. 

Other movement classes include; yoga, pilates, meditation, woodland circuit, Bodyism signature.


Feel that warmth effortlessly spill out on sunny days in The Sun Room and be fuelled by Culinary Director, Skye Gyngell’s signature style, with nutrient-rich seasonal produce grown yards away on the biodynamic market garden at the Heckfield Estate. Simple, organic offerings created in collaboration with our resident naturopath. 


We collaborate and work with a collective of globally renowned wellness practitioners. Staying true to our Made by many philosophy, we have partnered with them to craft our treatments around the principle of circadian rhythms. In training, our wellness practitioners focus the spa therapists on our unique consultation process, working with their intuition to connect with a client and provide a bespoke reset.


The Bothy on the Heckfield Estate in Hampshire, is home to our three-day reconnect. In tune with the rhythms of nature, immerse yourself in a specially tailored rebalancing retreat.
Small gatherings at the heart of the Bothy. From gentle Wildsmith rituals responding to your circadian rhythm and consultations with visiting master practitioners to movement, mindful nature journeys and Sky Gyngell’s seasonal nourishment.