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As human beings, albeit ones living in a modern digital age, we remain hardwired to respond to many of nature’s cues. The shortening of daylight hours that follows the autumn equinox, for instance, signals an energetic shift. A distinct slowing down as darker mornings and longer evenings abound.

Unfortunately, unlike our ancient ancestors, it’s not always possible to align the day’s long list of tasks with these dwindling daylight hours. And while adequate rest and deep sleep are pivotal for wellbeing, there are times we may need to harness some extra energy to lift our mood or fine-tune our senses, long before the sun even makes an appearance.

It’s on these days, when climbing out from under the duvet feels like a particular struggle, that we reach for Vitality Body Oil.

Created to work in synergy with our natural circadian rhythm – the body’s in-built system that generates feelings of alertness to keep us awake – this warming blend of naturally hydrating and aromatic oils helps to gently stimulate, alleviate anxiety, and bring focus to proceedings. It’s also an excellent tonic for tired muscles post workout, yoga class or hike FYI.

Like every Wildsmith formulation, supporting skin health is key, so we’ve added hydrating extracts of English oat, chia and rosehip seed oil to help fortify the skin’s delicate moisture barrier which, when compromised, can exacerbate the dryness and irritation associated with the season.

Add to this an uplifting essential oil blend of black pepper, a natural anti-inflammatory, plus revitalising ginger root, and mood-enhancing cedarwood that, when massaged onto towel-dried skin post-shower, creates a transformative effect for mind and body that’s most welcome as the daylight recedes.

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