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It’s time to get acquainted with our face mask offering to work out which skincare treat is perfect for you…

Adding an extra step to your skincare routine can feel tricky at the best of times, and having to work out whether a face mask is right for your skin just adds an extra layer of difficulty to proceedings. So we want to make things a little more straightforward. Ahead, we’re breaking down the differences between our Super Hydrating Overnight Mask and our Double Clay Refining Mask so you can decipher which of our Wildsmith face masks is the best for your skin’s needs.

Is your skin sensitive, dry, irritated or prone to redness?
The Super Hydrating Overnight Mask is your perfect match.
Harnessing an innovative anti-redness complex of ginger, turmeric and probiotics, our Super Hydrating Overnight Mask combats irritation and sensitivity by reinforcing the skin’s barrier and boosting skin’s moisture levels. And the best time to do this is while you’re resting. Grape extract works in tandem with your body’s natural circadian rhythm to aid your skin’s ability to naturally heal, while PENTAVITIN delivers both instant and long-term hydration. By morning, skin will be softer, calmer and stronger.

And the results are proven. In clinical trials, 84% of subjects showed an instant and long-term reduction in redness and in consumer trials 90% of people agreed that their skin felt soothed and comforted after using it.

Is your skin dull, congested or prone to breakouts?
The Double Clay Refining Mask is your perfect match.

Known as our ‘facial in a jar’, our Double Clay Refining Mask is brimming with clinically proven actives to ease breakouts and brighten skin. The star ingredients come in the form of mineral-rich bentonite and kaolin clays which deeply cleanse congested skin, unclog pores and dissolve impurities for a more clarified complexion. Plus, there’s warming bioactive capsicum to boost cell metabolism and rejuvenate tired skin alongside low-weight hyaluronic acid to improve hydration. The result? A fresher-looking skin that’s clear and even.
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