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Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. One half of the band Babeheaven (“we’re the best band ever, so cool and so nice”), Nancy Andersen drinks from the Love Island cup and admits to being a bit of a Drake fan from time to time.

Q What makes you feel wild?
A Good music. I go nuts if I’m at a party with my friends and there’s good music. Unless the music’s right, I can’t dance. But if there’s R&B, some hip-hop, a bit of Drake – I have no shame when it comes to him. Yes, I know people can be a bit funny about Drake, but there’s at least one really good song on every album of his. Just don’t play “Disco”. I’ve been to way too many disco parties and I can’t dance to it anymore.

Q What one thing are you currently doing to make the planet greener?
A I bought a Love Island bottle and I use that instead of buying bottled water. I keep it by my bed. And also, I am a pretty avid recycler.

Q Where does your soul most happily reside: city, countryside, or both?
A City. I’ve lived in Ladbroke Grove for my entire life. I love all parts of London though, and pretty much all cities. Christmas last year I was in Cuixmala, Mexico, which has to be one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Q The DJ fails to show up. What’s your go-to track to get everyone dancing?
A Patrice Rushen’s “To Each His Own”. It’s not even a big dance track, so I’d have to have that DJ spot at around 7am when everyone’s ready to go to bed. I’m a chill-out kinda DJ.

Q Who is the hero or heroine you’d be tongue-tied to find yourself sitting next to at a dinner?
A I’m tongue-tied most of the time, but I think I could be friends with Rihanna. She’s so clever, the way she’s managed her career – she’s nailed the pop world and now she’s the grungiest, coolest pop star but her music is still really relevant, even for young people. Her music is so good, her videos are always really on point for what’s popular at the moment and she is so well styled – the clothes she wears almost look like you could find them in the market and live in her world a little bit.

Q The message to your younger self?
A I’m 25 now and when I was younger, I wasn’t outspoken, but I was confident about how I was and that really intimidated people. A lot of boys weren’t very nice to me when I was around 14 or 15. Looking back, I think I would tell myself not to doubt myself or try to be someone else. It only works if you do it your way.

Nancy with bandmate, Jamie. Photograph by Teagan Williams

Q Which world conflict would you like to see resolved first and how would you do it?
A I really don’t know. Get rid of Trump?

Q You’re on a raft adrift in the ocean and the sharks are circling. Who is your companion to get you to shore safely – and who would you feed to the sharks?
A I’d have Lotte, my sister, she would fight off the sharks and win! And I’d feed Trump to the sharks – that way I’d solve that particular problem pretty quickly.

Q What do you look for in a deputy?
A I don’t have a deputy, but I have an equal in Jamie (Lewis) in Babeheaven. And I’d say he has plenty of loyalty and we’re both very good at sticking it out. Otherwise it would all have crumbled by now. We’ve been together in the band for over three years now.

Q What’s the key requirement for a lifetime partner of the romantic kind?
A You gotta make me laugh. And play me music I have never heard before.

Q What’s the retirement plan?
A One day I will write music for other people.

Q What’s your favourite lazy-at-home dish to cook?
A Instant noodles. But they’re not Pot Noodles. They’re Indomie noodles, which I buy from the cash and carry. I put some broccoli on top, which I usually have in the fridge at any given time.

Q Career advice for the Nancy wannabes?
A Just be yourself. I’ve been quite lucky – I’ve never had to change any part of myself to do music. I’ve been able to go on stage in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and not feel intimidated and have a good time.

Q What do you wish you had said to someone who has departed this earth? And what do you wish they had said to you?
A I’ve never regretted not saying anything to anyone who has passed away. It was all said before they went.

Q The last time you prayed, who did you pray to and were your prayers answered?
A I went to church recently and I did a lot of sitting and thinking, and at some point, I prayed, a little indirectly, “Can I have a boyfriend soon?” And my prayer wasn’t answered.

Q Who do you currently have a crush on?
A I always have a crush on everyone and everything at once. I mean, if you ask my friends, they’ll say, “Nancy fancies everyone.” I’ll say, at least twice a month, “Maybe he could be my new boyfriend,” and they’ll say, “Go for it,” but I’m too shy.

Q What would your Tinder profile say?
A I had Tinder and it had nothing on it. Nothing written, that is. And then I deleted it because it made me sad.

Q What superhero power would you most like to have and why?
A Flying. Just so I could get around everywhere really fast, so I could fit everything in my day.

Q Where do you get your therapy from?
A My friends. I hang out with a lot of boys and a lot of girls of different ages, and they all have different views on everything.

Q Your book at bedtime?
A At the moment I’m reading Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang. It’s a collection of short stories about Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants in New York in the 1990s.

Q Your epitaph?
A My grandfather had, “It will be all right” and I think that’s a really good sentiment.

Q What did you learn from the toughest time in your life?
A It will be all right. Life changes from hour to hour. And in the end, it all works out. The good times help you forget the bad times.

Q And from the happiest?
A When I’m really happy I get worried about being overtired. Halfway through my extreme happiness, I get all, “Oh my God, oh my God!” but then I’m like, “I’m going to be tired tomorrow morning!” You just have to enjoy all of it.

Q You’re blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. What one thing do you wish for?
A World peace. No, I just want everyone to be happy.

Find Babeheaven’s double A-Side, “Your Love” and “It’s Not Easy” on Spotify.

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