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Real dilemmas, real solutions – from our real-life superheroes. World-class make-up artist Val Garland, author of Validated, saves the planet one fleck of glitter at a time and talks to angels. By Kathleen Baird-Murray


Q What makes you feel wild?
A Dancing to great music.

Q What one thing are you currently doing to make the planet greener?
A Using biodegradable glitter.

Q Where does your soul most happily reside: city, countryside, or both?
A Both. I am both a city and a country girl. They both give a different feeling and I like changes all the time.

Q The DJ fails to show up. What’s your go-to track to get everyone dancing?
A “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” by Sylvester.

Q Who is the hero or heroine you’d be tongue-tied to find yourself sitting next to at a dinner?

A Jeff Buckley.

Q The message to your younger self?
A Listen to your instincts.

Q Which world conflict would you like to see resolved first and how would you do it?
A Gender inequality – I use make-up to empower fluidity.

Q You’re on a raft adrift in the ocean and the sharks are circling. Who is your companion to get you to shore safely – and who would you feed to the sharks?
A My bestie Maureen Vivian would get me to the shore safely. I would feed any rats or mice on board to the sharks.

Photographer: Tim Walker, Fashion Editor: Jacob K, Hair: Malcolm Edwards, Model: Karlie Kloss, Set Design: Shona Heath

Q What do you look for in a deputy?
A Hard-working, forward-thinking, trustworthy.

Q What’s the key requirement for a lifetime partner of the romantic kind?
A Funny.

Q What’s the retirement plan?
A Gardening in my country house garden.

Q What’s your favourite lazy-at-home dish to cook?
A Crab linguine.

Q Career advice for the Val wannabes?
A Be your bestest self.

Q What do you wish you had said to someone who has departed this earth?
A I wish you didn’t have to go.

Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh, Fashion Editor: Emmanuelle Alt, Hair: Odile Gilbert, Model: Anna Ewers

Q The last time you prayed, who did you pray to and were your prayers answered?
A I constantly pray to my angels and I believe they hear me.

Q Who do you currently have a crush on?
A My boyfriend.

Q What would your Tinder profile say?
A Do not approach if you are normal.

Q That superhero power would you most like to have and why?
A To be able to fly from one place to another with there being no time difference – instantly! This will save me a lot of time given my current schedule.

Q Where do you get your therapy from?
A I get my therapy from my garden, my books and a cuppa.

Photographer: Tim Walker, Fashion Editor: Jacob K, Hair: Malcolm Edwards, Model: Kirsi Pyrhonen, Set Design: Rhea Therstein

Q Your book at bedtime?
A Educated by Tara Westover.

Q Your epitaph?
A Options! Give me options!

Q What did you learn from the toughest time in your life?
A Stay true to yourself, nothing else matters.

Q And from the happiest?
A Enjoy the moment.

Q You’re blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. What one thing do you wish for?
A The one thing that I wish for is to have more wishes!

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