How Wildsmith is Made by Many

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How Wildsmith is Made by Many

Wildsmith is a brand created by many hands, minds and ideas. Though our inspiration is the botanist William Walker Wildsmith, who in the nineteenth century planted the Heckfield Estate where The Bothy now stands, we have no founder as such, instead we draw on the expertise of an eclectic group of individuals who all bring their own wisdom and passionate approach to skin health and wellbeing. It’s this rich mix and collaborative spirit that means we can be responsive and curious in all we do.



 With nature as our foundation and constant inspiration, we choose to work with scientists, innovators, growers, practitioners, educators, formulators and wellbeing experts.

When you unscrew a jar of Wildsmith skincare, or step over the threshold into one of our elegant treatment spaces, the experience distils the wisdom of not one, but a whole series of expert individuals – a like-minded community we refer to as Restless Experimenters.

Heckfield Arboretum

Heckfield Arboretum


The one who started it all, our guiding light remains as WILLIAM WALKER WILDSMITH. A progressive botanist of his day, he is responsible for the grounds and arboretum at Heckfield Place. In particular, the trees he planted when he came to Heckfield in the 1800s and their innate ability to adapt, heal, and grow according to their environment are a continual inspiration.

In addition, a dedicated team of EXPERT SCIENTISTS is key to our formulation process. Their insight and innovation, and combined years of industry experience, ensure our products continue to break boundaries and exceed expectations. Consulting independent Skin Experts provides all-important context. Their in-depth knowledge of skincare technology, and its application in the wider wellbeing landscape, is invaluable as we move forward.

The Bothy by Wildsmith

Meanwhile, partnering with experienced Scientists to test our products in Independent CLINICAL TRIALS provides robust evidence of their efficacy.

When it comes to our sustainable packaging, we’ve sought out INNOVATORS in the fields of compostable packaging and sustainable materials to ensure products are packaged as responsibly as possible.

Working with PIONERING HORTICULTURISTS who oversee the biodynamic Market Garden at Heckfield Place, we’ve been able to grow and harvest a selection of ingredients. Their intuitive work on the land continues to inspire our policy to source botanicals as locally as we can.

The Market Garden at Heckfield Home Farm

Intrinsic to our work at The Bothy, a team of rigorously trained EXPERT PRACTITIONERS tailor each unique treatment to their guest – no two are the same. Inspired by the universal principle of circadian rhythm, and designed to deliver profound results, treatments draw on the connection between practitioner and guest, enabling expert diagnosis and bespoke experiences that promote healing and restore a sense of balance.

Finally, partnering with visionary OLFACTORY EXPERTS has allowed us to create beautiful scent journeys that evoke the natural spirit of Heckfield. Used across The Bothy and our Home Fragrance line, their immersive botanical scents are pivotal to the Wildsmith experience.

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