The Three Kings' Preparation

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The Three Kings' Preparation

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

Biodynamic Farmers and Growers use these three substances to symbolize a gift to the earth and to the elemental world. The preparation is prepared and sprayed onto the land on 6th January, (Epiphany) the Festival of the Three Kings, also known as twelfth night.

On January 6th we follow this biodynamic tradition called The Three Kings’ Preparation. The Three Wise Men presented offerings of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to the infant Jesus. These gifts carry profound symbolism, befitting choices made by initiates. We walk the boundaries of the land that we tend and care for all year. It is seen as a gesture of thanks and we carry thoughts of goodwill to the land and the elemental kingdom.

GOLD, is given as a symbol of wisdom.

FRANKINCENSE, for spiritual intuition.

MYRRH, represents death and sacrifice.

Our gardeners will take these three ingredients and grind them together in a pestle and mortar, for an hour. We then add the sticky fragrant mixture to a barrel of rain water and vigorously stir for a further hour, alternating directions to form a vortex as tradition dictates. 

Then with Bucket in one hand and brush in the other, they will dip the brush into the preparation and flick large droplets in an outward direction along the Home Farm boundary.

As the preparation falls in spray, this ritual serves to beckon elemental life forces to manifest within the farm throughout the upcoming year. It acts as a gesture seeking assistance and guidance for the impending growing season. Essentially, it is an offering to the earth and the elemental kingdom—a way of expressing gratitude. 

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