What is Circadian Rhythm?

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What is Circadian Rhythm?

Have you ever wondered how your body's master clock can impact the health of your skin?

Within our bodies we all have 24hr biological clocks or circadian rhythm, with a master clock located in the brain and secondary clocks found in many cells and tissues.

The most well-known function of our circadian rhythm is its role in setting our sleep-wake cycle; a process that works through daytime light exposure triggering signals to generate alertness and help keep us awake and at night with the fading of natural light, the production of melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep and help us stay asleep.

The secondary clocks found in our skin cells help regulate the daily functions of our skin, such as cell renewal and proliferation, for example influencing how our skin deals with wound healing, oxidative stress, and UV exposure, in any 24hr period.

For example, research has shown us that during the day when our skin is susceptible to environmental aggressors such as pollution, its primary function is to shield and protect with elevated sebum production, skin barrier protection and skin thickness at its height. In contrast at night as we rest our skin works to cleanse and regenerate a process that is integral to skin renewal.

These natural processes are often why skincare applied at night-time sees visibly better results than when applied during the day and why we recommend that if you are in the habit of checking your skin, that you do so at a similar time of day for consistency.

By understanding the cyclical link between sleep and our skin health it becomes easier to understand why when sleep is disrupted we so often see its impact on our skin with signs such as dark circles, dehydration and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles all indications that our natural circadian rhythm is disrupted.

And it's this cycle that proves beauty sleep is more than a myth, it's a skin health must have.

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