Get Summer Ready

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Get Summer Ready

As Summer approaches and our thoughts turn to sunnier weather, it is a good time to consider the skin that may have been neglected after months of colder weather and layers of clothes.

Time to re-evaluate our skin’s needs!

Hydrated, conditioned, smooth skin

 Exfoliation can immediately transform the skin texture and appearance, transforming dry, rough, and grey skin into vibrant, soft and smooth skin. Weekly exfoliation will buff away the dead skin and encourage new cells to migrate to the surface. If you apply self-tan or gradual tans, be sure to exfoliate before applying to ensure a smooth, even and streak-free tan.

Hydrated skin is key all year round but especially in the summer a dry skin can burn easily, dehydrate and lead to premature ageing. That’s why skin nutrition is at the heart of Wildsmith Skin’s two new Body Oils, ensuring skin is soothed, calmed, nurtured and nourished is of paramount importance. Infusing the skin with essential fatty acids and omegas reinforces the skin’s barrier, prevents dryness and sensitivity and help limit water loss. This Summer ensure the skin on the body is gorged with omegas, we love Raspberry Seed Oil rich in Vitamin E. It’s a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells and the collagen. Chia Seed Oil means a source of energy - it hydrates and nourishes the skin which is essential given that the body has fewer oil glands than the face so is naturally drier. Sensitivity levels often become increased in the summer and even more so if the skin becomes dry, Evening Primrose is a beautiful powerfully effective oil that brings antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to calm and soothe the skin and maintain skin health.

Body oils are the perfect summer hydration boosters, bringing instant comfort, a gorgeous satin sheen and a powerful surge of nourishment to the skin. Vitality Body Oil combines black pepper, ginger and cedarwood to give you an uplifting and energising boost whilst soothing tired and aching muscles. It is also the perfect energising and uplifting body oil to start the day, apply after the shower or after exercising to warm down muscles.

Stillness Body Oil is perfect at the end of the day as it can help to calm the mind and relax the body. The beautiful combination of rose geranium to help reduce stress levels and lavender to aid a blissful night’s sleep. Ideally, apply after a warm bath whilst the skin is still slightly damp and be sure to take 3 deep breathes to inhale the aroma before smoothing over the body. Once applied do not forget to apply to the soles of the feet just before bed, this step is incredible if you struggle to fall asleep quickly or you are desperately trying to get a better quality of sleep.

Looking to improve skin texture on the skin on the body? Our scientist and skin experts have created Toning Body Serum – a firming body serum designed to target hips, thighs, stomach, and upper arms by supporting the skin structure and reducing the appearance of cellulite whilst delivering firmer, smoother skin.
We at Wildsmith Skin are proud of our latest breakthrough which combines the science of the skin, bioactive natural ingredients and a unique delivery system to ensure outstanding visible results are achieved. Our scientists and skin experts understand the processes within the body which control our fat cells. There are two types of fat cells, white for fat storing and brown for energy releasing, as you age most of your brown fat cells lose the ability to turn fat into energy and these cells are the challenge and focus for our research team at Wildsmith Skin.
Capsaicin a powerful active from chills, it is one of the latest discoveries in the advancements to tackle cellulite, the warming sensation that you will feel is designed to improve blood and lymph flow, perfect for stimulating sluggish areas like the hips and thighs. Brassica Alba sprouts can influence the white storage fat cells to differentiate into newly discovered ‘beige’ fat cells which can burn calories to release energy like brown fat-burning cells.

The Toning Body Serum will visibly smooth the skin by increasing the skins elasticity and your skin will feel energized and the cellulite will appear reduced. Your skin will feel smooth and satin-soft thanks to the powerfully effective hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid and Shea Butter the perfect combination of hydration heroes.


Fiona Brackenbury

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