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The birds chirp louder than I’ve ever heard
The trees are greener than I’ve ever seen
No smog
Or petrol-diesel vehicles to block my periphery
Instead I see countless walkers and cyclists to boot
And some electric vehicles making their way around too
But a revised public transport is more likely to be used
As the aim to make our planet a greener one is a universally shared view
No one sleeping unwillingly in the streets
No disease left untreated
Global treaties mean the war on peace
Has ceased
And hand in hand we take these steps forward
No push
No shove
No gender bias
No colour barrier
No class ladder to look up or down from
To reflect upon where I came from
It seems like a distant dream
Or nightmare perhaps
For which there was no respite
But with renewed energy I return
As there’s still much to do
To turn our place into a better home too

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